Chemofit pre-treatment

Hot degreasing/soak cleaner


CHEMOFIT OAE is a heavy duty alkaline degreasing product for iron, steel, copper and copper alloys meeting even hardest challenges in solving degreasing problems.
CHEMOFIT OAE is a two component system consisting of degreasing salt and wetting agent and can be used as emulsifying or demulsifying modification.


Powder-like strong alkaline immersion cleaner for iron and steel to remove oil grease and drawing agents.


Effective highly concentrated cleaner for iron and steel.
Does not contain persistent, wastewater treatment relevant components and is free of cyanide and hard chelating agents. Due to its balanced surfactant combination it offers excellent activating and cleaning impact to metal surfaces.

Degreasers for aluminium and non-ferrous metals


CHEMOFIT ALU 16 is a mildly alkaline, silicate-free immersion cleaner for aluminium.


CHEMOFIT ALU 18 Flüssig is a liquid low-foaming degreasing and phosphatizing agent based on alkaline phosphonates for spray, immersion and ultrasonic application. CHEMOFIT ALU 18 Flüssig is especially suitable for cleaning and degreasing of light metal, steel and iron. On iron and steel surfaces CHEMOFIT ALU 18 Flüssig produces an evenly-distributed layer of iron phosphate.


CHEMOFIT 2001/4 is a powder-like weakly alkaline, silicate-free immersion cleaner to remove grease, oil and inorganic soil from non-ferrous metals, aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Hot and electrolytical degreasing


CHEMOFIT SIF 4 is a silicate-free, liquid concentrate for the electrolytical degreasing and soak-cleaning of iron, steel, copper and aluminium.
Depending on the particular wetting agent the degreaser is working emulsifying or demulsifying.

Electrolytical degreasing


CHEMOFIT 0 100 K is an electrolytical degreaser for iron, steel copper and copper alloys (brass), by addition of CHEMOFIT E-Reiniger its degreasing effect can be increased.

Wetting agents

CHEMOFIT Netzmittel demulgierend

Demulsifying wetting agent to be used in combination with CHEMOFIT degreasing products

CHEMOFIT Netzmittel demulgierend 2017

Demulsifying wetting agent to be used in combination with CHEMOFIT degreasing products

CHEMOFIT Netzmittel emulgierend

Emulsifying wetting agent to be used in combination with CHEMOFIT degreasing products

Acid pickling and pickling additives

CHEMOFIT Beizentfetter 05

Acid pickling additive for the economical and efficient removal of rust, scale or similar soil on iron and steel.

CHEMOFIT Beizaktivator

CHEMOFIT Beizaktivator is a fluoride containing product to increase the breakaway velocity of bigger oxide and scale layers in acid pickling baths based on hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid and for treatment of aluminium alloy surfaces in nitric acid.


CHEMOFIT BEIZBESCHLEUNIGER is a liquid, highly-concentrated and acid-resistant additive for use in hydrochloric acid pickling baths. It accelerates pickling especially of iron and steel parts being welded, afflicted with forge scale, oil coke and pigment soil.


CHEMOPUR Trockensäure

CHEMOPUR Trockensäure serves as activation of steel, non-ferrous metals and zinc die-cast.
CHEMOPUR Trockensäure produces pure metal surfaces and increases the adhesive strength of follow up metal coatings. Rust and light tinder are removed.

CHEMOPUR Aktivierung

Especially for activation / pickling of steel, copper and copper alloys, causes a light lightening and a good activation of the metal surface.


Liquid activation concentrate containing an inter-balanced combination of acids and salts being suitable for activation of nonferrous metals (even lead containing), zinc die cast, electroplated zinc layers and ferrous metals.
CHEMOFIT FLD can also be used as cathodic activation of material being hard to activate like chrome nickel steel, chrome steel or other high-alloy steel.