CHEMOPUR Special Products

Defoamer CHEMOPUR Entschäumer

CHEMOPUR Entschäumer W - Emulsion is a 10% active silicone defoamer emulsion being dilutable with water offering the following advantages:

  • Immediate defoaming effect
  • Long lasting foam inhibition
  • Low amounts required
  • Fast and easy dispersion in foaming systems
  • High stability in the pH range between 4 and 11
  • Foam control up to 100 °C
  • Good compatibility with dyes and surfactants

Particle size and particle size distribution were selected in order to provide optimum defoaming and a long lasting foam inhibition (anti-foam-effect). An innovative manufacturing process guarantees the regularity of this product and its efficiency.


CHEMOPUR ZINKATBEIZE is a special zincate process for the treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloys, especially for the high requirements of the manufacture of memory discs.

Unlike conventional zincate processes CHEMOPUR ZINKATBEIZE produces even thin, dense and fine-grained zinc deposits at a minimum etching of the aluminium surface. These deposit properties ensure a maximum adhesion of follow-up metal coatings including electroless Nickel.

CHEMOPUR ZINKATBEIZE is delivered as a liquid for easier make-up and replenishment.