CHEMPALA post-treatment


CHEMPALA 407 is a slightly alkaline corrosion protection system providing a considerable improved corrosion stability on zinc-plated and passivated surfaces. The concentrate CHEMPALA 407 does not contain organic solvents chelating agents or heavy metals.

The highly-dosed and exceptionally stable combination of active components enables also very short treatment times.

The very low operation concentration and temperature (20 - 25 °C) allow a very economic operation of this system.

  • Even appearance
  • No drop and running nose formation
  • Thin layers
  • Abrasion-resistant, no transport damages
  • Highest corrosion protection
  • Drying at low temperatures
  • Capable of being integrated in any systems engineering


CHEMPALA 2017 is a sealer based on organic-inorganic compounds.

It produces a transparent film of very good corrosion protection on passivated zinc and zinc alloy layers. Higher film coating thickness can be obtained by multiple immersion and inter-drying or increase of make-up concentration.

Applicated CHEMPALA 2017 layers can be removed in hot alkaline soak cleaner without any problem.


CHEMPALA S is an inorganic silicate-based sealer for improved corrosion protection of passivated zinc layers. Especially on blue-passivated parts an even silver-bright appearance is produced. CHEMPALA S has a low viscosity and produces a very thin film of excellent corrosion protection. CHEMPALA S is suitable for both rack and barrel.


CHEMPALA W is a water-soluble inorganic sealer based on silicon and can be used in rack-and-spray as well as immersion-centrifuge method. Dry CHEMPALA W layers do not contain chromates and no hydrogen being able to diffuse into the base material. The layer is transparent.

CHEMPALA W is suitable as sealer for all passiviations and zinc/zinc alloy layers.

CHEMPALA W reaches optimum properties in the coating thickness range of

0.5 to 2 μm and is therefore be used for coating of screws, nuts, other fastening elements etc.

CHEMPALA W does not contain lubricants.


CHEMPALA WL contains additionally an aqueous suspension of high-molecular polymers to obtain defined friction coefficients on screws according to the guidelines of automotive industry (VDA).


CHEMPALA NANO is an aqueous concentrate of nanoscale SiO2 particles (size < 10nm). CHEMPALA NANO produces, depending on concentration and application, layers of 0.1 – 1.0 μm improving corrosion protection of CHEMOPUR passivation systems on zinc and zinc alloy layers  considerably. CHEMPALA NANO is suitable for both rack and barrel operation.


CHEMPALA CU is an anti-tarnish solution for copper and non-ferrous metals like brass. Immersion into a solution containing CHEMPALA Cu protects electroplated as well as pickled parts against corrosion. Parts being immersed in CHEMPALA Cu keep their nice appearance and do not tarnish so quickly.
The solderability of parts being treated with CHEMPALA Cu is not impacted.