CUPA SANCY alkaline cyanide-free copper


CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY is an innovative, weakly alkaline electrolyte based on phosphonates for the electrolytical deposition of bright copper layers.

The weakly alkaline pH-value of the electrolyte permits copper depositon on steel and zamac parts providing excellent throwing power and layer adherence. After copper plating follow-up plating with acid copper or nickel can be done directly.

The electrolyte works stable at pH 8 – 9 and is free of strong chelating agents like NTA or EDTA. CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY is suitable for both rack and barrel operation.

CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY is delivered as ready-to-use batch (CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY Kupferbasis).

Replenishment being necessary by drag-out or consumption during operation is done with CHEMOPUR CUPA SANCY Kupferbasis.