MetalEx- Stripper Products for metal stripping

The MetalEX series are stripping solutions based on phosphoric acid or phosphonates with peroxides to strip metals being deposited by electroplating or electroless plating on different substrates. They were especially developed to improve occupational safety and environment protection. MetalEX products operate at moderate bath temperatures and are free of strong complexing agents like NTA, EDTA or amines and do not contain cyanides or nitric acid. The products can easily be handled and guarantee high profitability and cost-effectiveness due to their high charge capacity. They are odourless liquid concentrates and do not form toxic or other process relevant gases during operation. Besides stripping the passivation of stainless steel is possible with these products, too.


Depending on the desired stripping problem and application there the following products:


MetalEx CF 4.22 strips electrolessly deposited nickel layers of low and middle phosphorus content from steel surfaces in combination with hydrogen peroxide.

Also copper, zinc and brass layers can be removed without attack of the base metal.

If required an additional protection of the base material can be reached by the  additives MetalEx 3.4 or 3.8.

MetalEx GF 3.5 is used in combination with hydrogen peroxide to remove electroplated nickel, copper, zinc and brass layers from steel and aluminium surfaces.

MetalEx BU 8.3 removes electrolessly deposited and electroplated nickel layers from base materials of copper or copper alloys.

MetalEx SE 5.4 strips electrolessly deposited and electroplated nickel, copper, zinc and brass layers from stainless steel and titanium racks as well as plastics surfaces. METALEX SE 5.3 is especially suitable fort he application in assembly lines.

MetalEx VA inhibits the redeposition of plating tanks and racks during electroless nickel plating and provides a very economic application of electroless nickel baths. Already during stripping METALEX VA provides an efficient passivation of metal surfaces thus minimizing the ability of redeposition effectively.

MetalEx VA ES removes silver electrolytically from stainless steel or titanium racks. The silver is deposited at the cathode as filterable sludge.

We would be glad to advice you to your stripping problem. Also we can provide you with samples for laboratory tests.