Chemical products, process technologies and systems-engineering

Complete process technologies from one hand!

Chemical products, process technologies as well as systems-engineering in the complete area of surface finishing of metals are our field of activities. Due to the professional competence based on decades of experience we as CHEMOPUR Group are your ideal partner for the “perfect surface”.

CHEMOPUR with its facility in Herne, Germany is a speciality company with decades of experience in the field of electroplating. On the German and European markets CHEMOPUR is well known for the development and production of up-to-date, market-driven and environment-orientated processes for the coating of metals and alternative materials.

CHEMOPUR develops process-technologies for the electroplating processes copper, nickel, chrome, zinc and zinc alloys including passivations and chromatations, electroless nickel with and without dispersion coatings as well as products for pre-treatment like cleaning, activation and pickling.

The surface finishing of metals offers a broad range of varieties to the „perfect surface“.

We know the right combination of process chemistry and systems-engineering leading to the desired individual results, no matter how different the requirements to functionality appearance and haptic may be.

For the elaboration of customer-specific problem solutions you will find always the right contact person: At the beginning of a colaboration in the phase of planning and implementation or in our after-sales-service:

We are at your disposal – with ability and expert knowledge!